Facility Maintenance

Property Maintenance


The demands of keeping a property functioning at its optimal and problem free are daunting. Allan-Odis has been specializing in the service of property maintenance and repair for the past two decades and in that time has learned many of the intricacies of preventiive maintenance scheduling as well as repair and daily maintenance.


Allan-Odis has a team of experienced, reliable and qualified staffers available to service your property. As one of our exclusive clients, our maintenance staff is on-call to service your property as a priority. Our team works directly and efficiently with our administration to make sure that problems are solved quickly and efficiently. Communcation is at the top of our agenda when servicing our clients. We need our clients to know what is going on at their property and for them to have input into the critical decisions effecting the long term health of their properties.


Allan-Odis maintenance works at its most efficient in conjunction with our management team, however, premium service is not dependent on a management or service agreement, all of clients recieve the best Allan-Odis and its team can deliver.


We believe our maintenance teams to be the most technologically savy in the business. We use the latest, most up to date, technologies, hardwares and softwares to make your experience with resolving a maintenance problem as interactive, positive and real time as can be afforded.


Our field team is equipped with I-phones, I-pads and the latest in technolgy to service our clients in the most efficient manner possible. These tools cut costs for Allan-Odis clients, create efficiencies for Allan-Odis and ultimately serve Allan-Odis clients with real time effective solutions.